It all starts with a gift idea.

It all starts with a gift idea.
17 Jun 2021 / by smldms in NFT Art

For a while I have been wondering how it is possible to give NFTs gifts, in batches. A while ago now I offered 10 NFts on Ethereum, the gas was incredibly expensive, I paid over 500$ to offer these NFTs. It was, despite my desire to offer more NFTs, not an option to start over.

How to make mass drops while keeping your wallet intact?

Smldms on Torum

Well, it was by going to Torum, this superb crypto-oriented social network that I found the solution. On Torum, donating NFT is common practice. I quickly realized that the Wax blockchain was the solution to reducing my costs, and that it was perfectly compatible with my FreeNFTs cravings!

To understand Wax, at first, well that’s a bit tricky …
Here I have to thank @carozo for the time he spent explaining wax to me ( RAM, NET, CPU), and especially he stakes of 3 wax on my account, which allowed me to mine my first NFT ‘Torum’ on Wax …
The story could begin….


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