Xtra Card on Hathor Network

Xtra Card on Hathor Network
05 Jan 2022 / by smldms in News

Hathor is an exceptional blockchain which very quickly caught my attention. With its crazy potential and the growing development of NFTs on Hathor, notably with the launch of Nileswap, it was obvious to extend the collection on this blockchain.

Know more on Hathor Network here : https://hathor.network/

Visit Nileswap : nileswap.com

The Hathorians are a great community, Powerful Xtra Card is happy to be a part of it.

It is still important to specify that this branch of the collection is not a clone of what I do on Wax. This remains Powerful Xtra Card, but no card present on Wax will be sold on Hathor, and vice versa.